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Dear all,

after four years of work, the project HENVINET - Health and Environment NETwork - was completed April 30, 2010. At the moment we are looking for new ways of keeping the portal alive.  If you have any suggestions how this could be made possible, please contact us at sg@nilu.no.

All the best
the HENVINET team
An online network "bridging the gap" for the environment and health policy community

Emerging Exposure Science for developing Chemical Regulatory Policy: REACh, Biocides, TSCA reform.

Categories: Conference | Author: Aileen Yang | Posted: 16/12/2010 | Views: 45324
ISES and SETAC Europe are pleased to invite you to participate in a Joint Special Session at the SETAC Europe 21st Annual Meeting in Milan, to be held on May 18-19, 2011, at the SETAC Europe 21st Annual Meeting in the Milan International Convention Centre. This Joint special session will address advancements in environmental, consumer and occupational exposure science required to meet the demands of a changing global regulatory landscape.
Alongside the Special Session, a poster session will be organized entitled “Integrating the Sciences and Development of Methods, Approaches and Tools to Meet Emerging Exposure Needs in Chemical Regulation.” We invite you to submit your abstracts for this session by going to http://ises.setac.eu/.
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