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An online network "bridging the gap" for the environment and health policy community
To begin participating on the HENVINET portal, follow these steps:

1. REGISTER. Sign up for the Portal by going to www.henvinet.eu - be prepared to supply contact information, brief biographical information, and a picture or graphic to represent yourself. More information regarding the purpose of the portal can be found by clicking on ”About” on the main menu, more information regarding the HENVINET EU Project can be found by clicking on “HENVINET Project” on the main menu.

2. MY PROFILE. Login to the Portal, click on “My Profile” on the main menu to navigate and update the profile that has been created for you. Personal settings and preferences can be modified by clicking on “My Settings” at the profile page. Your notification and mail inbox can be found by clicking “My Profile -> Inbox” or by clicking the “Alerts” link at the top right-hand corner of each page; the logout function is also located here as well.

3. CONTACTS. Click on “Members” on the main menu to find new or existing contacts, click “Add as Contact” to begin networking and sharing information with these individuals. Once contacts are established, one can view their profile and add information to their journal/wall (depending on each user’s personal settings).

4. GROUPS. Click on “Groups” on the main menu to find relevant groups to participate in, click “Join Group” to enter a group and begin interacting with its members. This step is mandatory to be involved with some of the forum’s that are specifically available only to group members. It is also possible to create new groups by clicking “Create New Group”.

5. FORUMS. Click on “Forum” on the main menu to search for information, join discussions, or post new issues. Note that some forums are only available if you are a member of the associated group.

6. EVENTS. Click on “Events” on the main menu to search for related upcoming events posted from all groups. New events can be added by going to your registered groups, and adding events on the group calendar, this information will automatically be transferred to the common events calendar.

7. TOOLS.  Click on “Tools” on the main menu to learn more about the specific tools developed from the HENVINET project, these include:  Cause-Effect Diagrams and Decisions Support Tools.

8. SEARCH. To search for members and specific member information, click on “Members” on the main menu and click on “Advanced Search”. To search within the forums, go to the “Forum” page and click “Search”. To perform a general search of the basic portal information, enter your search on the search function at the top of each page.

9. FAQ’s. Click on “FAQ’s” on the main menu if you have questions or need additional guidance.
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